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Kiundi Coffee



Our “Kenya Kiundi” is a top coffee with a full body. A first class coffee with a fruity chocolate aroma. In high-quality blends, Kenya “Kiundi” is to be found as an acidity carrier.

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Origin and Plantation Our Kenyan coffee comes from the growing region Kiundi in the southern highlands. The Kenyan coffee mostly grows at an altitude between 1,500 and 2,100 meters. There are two crops per year. Since only the ripe coffee cherries are picked, the entire plantation can sometimes be harvested up to seven times – manually. Coffee lovers have a special preference for the aromatic top coffees from Kenya, featuring a fine acidity, an unusual berry-like fruitiness and full body. The first trees were brought from Ethiopia to Kenya in the 19th century. Today, coffee is cultivated on 1,300 large plan- tations and by 600,000 small producers in cooperatives. Kenya is the driving force of the East African world of coffee. From the cup up to the market, everything is first class. Kenya’s research and development sets an example, its quality control is meti culous and many of the thousands of small coffee growers are skilled in agriculture. The best of Kenya’s coffees are not simply sold as generic AA or AB coffees; they are sold to the highest bidder in auctions. The heated competition pushes up the prices.

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