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Pearls of Africa Kenyan Coffee

Pearls of Africa


The experienced roast master needs to use all his capability and skills in the roasting process since pearl beans are of rare beauty. If he is successful in roasting, the typical chocolate-like character and mild, spicy fullness of Kenyan coffee will develop.

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If you consider quality and an extraordinary coffee character, Kenya belongs to one of the best producers worldwide! Due to their rarity, Kenyan “pearl beans” are an absolute speciality. If the coffee tree cannot deliver sufficient nutrients to the coffee cherries that grow at the very end of the bush, the bush develops only one bean in the cherry, a so-called pearl bean. This individual bean collects so much strength and grows so slowly that it becomes more aromatic than a flat bean. Our “pearl beans” are from the “Kiundi” region and are hand-selected from the annual harvest.

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