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AA Gourmet Coffee

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Our full-bodied Tanzania Kilimanjaro enthuses with its excellent, sweet and full flavour with a fruity acidity.


Tanzania coffees belong to the family of washed central and east African coffees. Due to a lack in infrastructure, especially in comparison to Kenya, it is often difficult to gain access to coffees of this origin.That is why we are especially delighted to be able to present you with this speciality from the northern regions of Tanzania. The area of the Kilimanjaro where these wonderfully aromatic beans ripen, offersthe best climatic conditions for coffee cultivation in Tanzania.

Production in Tanzania amounts to 30 - 40.000 tons annually, 70 % of which are Arabica and 30 % Robusta. 90 % of the coffee farms belong to small farmers. They can sell locally to private customers, village groups or coffee cooperatives demanding their own prices. The ooperatives then sell the coffees at the auction in Moshi. The farmers can also sell directly to foreign roasters. This policy was introduced by the Coffee Board of Tanzania and supports the farmers in building a lasting relationship with international customers.

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