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Blue Mountain Coffee Jamaica

Blue Mountain


Up to 90 % of the yearly production is exported to Japan, where it is not unusual to pay more than 10 dollars for a cup of this famous cult drink. It is common to offer Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to Japanese coffee lovers as a gift on New Year’s Day. This coffee speciality is an absolute experience. It has a full, slightly sweet aroma, paired with a mild acidity and an intense, clear and nutty taste. And the low caffeine content – only 0.7 % – has really no comparison!


Jamaica - heavenly beaches, sun, rum, reggae and the world famous Blue Mountain coffee. Coffee from Jamaica can be potentially wonderful, full and mild. Preconditions for this are a good harvest and processing as well as quick transportation. The latter being the most testing challenge for this famous coffee. Today, the immaculate Jamaica Blue Mountain from the eponymous mountain range reaches the highest prices worldwide. Only the coffee cultivated in Jamaica on an area of 6,000 hectares may be trademarked as “Blue Mountain”. The Blue Mountains have an average temperature of 20 to 23 °C, sufficient rainfall, as well as soft soil rich in humus due to the volcanic activity which originates there. These are almost ideal growing conditions for highland Arabica coffee. Due to the altitude of above 700 meters, the coffee plants grow considerably slower and need approximately 10 months instead of the usual 6 - 8 months for the beans to ripen. The unique raw coffee can be exported in the typical wooden barrels only after certification.

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