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Loja Sun dried Coffee

Loja Sun dried


Flavour enrichment not only for centenarians! This coffee already hints at its special quality with its full-bodied, expressive body and a fine chocolate note. The nippy, yet subtle tanginess and in particular the fresh, slightly fruity aromas should win over any coffee lover. Even though we cannot guarantee that this coffee will make you live longer, it will definitely be an indulgence for your taste buds.

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Ecuadorian coffee has a long history. It was introduced in the early 19th Century and became the main export product in the early 20th Century. Due to problems with bad harvests and poor production methods, which impeded a homogeneous quality, coffees from Ecuador never made it into the list of top quality coffees. Like other coffee prod ucing countries close by, Ecuador has perfect climatic and geographical conditions for growing coffee and excellent qualities can therefore be found.

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