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Organic Kachalú

Organic Kachalú


Considered that this coffee is from South America, it has a surprisingly strong, almost spicy-earthy character. The intensive sweetness of complex aromas from caramel to chocolate is rounded off by a sweet hint of fruits.


In 1999, 14 coffee farmers started to collaborate by  founding a cooperation to produce sustainable and eco-friendly coffee. Their  goal: to maintain the habitat of the animals and avoid a contamination of the lo cal  water reserves. Their cooperation was called “Kachalu”, a word that they  themselves interpreted as “Hope”. Their hope was and still is today that their  Kachalu will continue being demanded even in a worldwide coffee crisis. 

Origin and Plantation

The Kachalu plantations are located in the middle of the South American rainforest, in the heart of Colombia, and profit year-round from the humid and warm climate. Compared to Brazil, Colombia has the special advantage that you need not fear any bouts of cold, which could destroy an entire harvest.

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