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Pang Khon Mystic Hilltribe Coffee

Pang Khon Mystic Hilltribe


At first, the Pang Khon coffee envelops your palate with a very mild aroma, which strongly reminds of chocolate, as well as light hints of nuts combined with a very delicate citrus flavour. In the aftertaste, it becomes voluminous with fine aromas of caramel. You simply must try this coffee!


The constant climatic conditions at altitudes of approx. 1,300 m let the coffee cherries ripen perfectly in northern Thailand. The varieties which are cultivated here are Arabica- Yellow & Red Caturra + Catimor. The harvest takes place from mid-November until mid-March. In order to pick only the ripe coffee cherries, the harvest is exclusively done by hand. Any green or overripe cherries that may have been accidentally picked are separated out before the further processing. The coffee cherries are washed in tiled basins and fermented for 36 hours before they are washed again with fresh water and dried in the sun on bamboo mats for approx. 12 - 22 days.

The hill tribe Akha cultivates our special Pang Khon coffee at altitudes of up to 1,500 m in the shade of fruit and forest trees. The many trees and bushes on the plantation also prevent the soil from erosion and ensure a favourable nutrient exchange between the soil and the surface. The government prohibits extensive agriculture and the use of chemicals, in order to preserve the natural resources of the region. Almost every inhabitant of the small village is involved in coffee cultivation. Together, these families form a cooperative, which has the goal to improve the local living conditions. It facilitates a direct access to the international market for the peasants, without any intermediaries.


Thailand takes up third place among the coffee producing countries of Asia. 99 % of its production is Robusta. Arabica coffee is grown in the North of Thailand. The Thai royal family initiated the coffee production in the Northern border region to Myanmar and Laos (Golden Triangle) in order to replace opium plantations. Arabica coffee has proven to be the right choice as its production is very profitable in this region. Hence, it is a good alternative for the Hill Tribes.

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