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Turquino Coffee



The best Cuban coffee is the “Turquino”. Still a secret tip, it is incomparably well balanced and spicy, with a full aroma and an incredibly long-lasting aftertaste. It is grown in lower regions; hence it is lower in acidity than other Central American coffees. A rich and original coffee for real connoisseurs. Its bouquet and taste are reminiscent of the character of famous Cuban cigars. The colour of the bean is unique, something in between medium and dark brown. The Cuba “Turquino” is often mentioned among connoisseurs alongside the Blue Mountain from Jamaica and the Kona from Hawaii.

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Only the best beans from the plantation areas in the east and the centre of Cuba are used. Most of the coffee grows on steep slopes of the mountain chains at an average altitude of 400 to 800 m. The plantations are managed by state-owned cooperatives. Artificial fertilisers are not used. Control and development of the plants is carried out with great care and it is considered to be of great value to maintain and expand their natural growth. Coffee plantations have always been managed according to the original tradition.

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