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Vilcabamba Coffee



Flavour enrichment not only for centenarians! This coffee already hints at its special quality with its full-bodied, expressive body and a fine chocolate note. The nippy, yet subtle tanginess and in particular the fresh, slightly fruity aromas should win over any coffee lover. Even though we cannot guarantee that this coffee will make you live longer, it will definitely be an indulgence for your taste buds.


Vilcabamba, literally translated ""The Holy Valley"", is a small village in southern Ecuador with the fitting co-name ""Valley of the Centenarians"". There is no other city in the western hemisphere where more people grow older than 100 years and are still healthy and fit. Whether this is due to the excellent climate or due to the ""Agua de Oro"", the golden water, which can be found in this valley, has not yet been scientifically proven. There is no doubt, however, that speciality coffees are grown here at an altitude of 1,500 m. The ripe cherries are picked by hand and washed in clear mountain spring water after removing the pulp. Finally, they are dried in the sun.

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