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Volcán Barú, Boquete

Volcán Barú, Boquete


Thanks to its complex and aromatic character, this coffee belongs to the top of the range for gourmets. The medium-light body is in harmony with the well-balanced acidity in taste. Due to the medium roasting, slightly floral, soft chocolaty nuances are developed, which ensure a long-lasting aftertaste. You absolutely need to try this coffee without milk and sugar! Let yourself be surprised and enthused by this small plantation!


In the highlands of Panama, in the western province of Chiriqui, lies the quiet and beautiful city of Boquete with a population of approximately 14,000. This region is called “Valley of the Flowers and the Everlasting Spring”. On small plantations, close to the border to Costa Rica, Arabica beans are cultivated under ideal external conditions. Due to constant northerly winds, the coffee plants grow especially well and slowly at an altitude of about 1,500 m. Panama makes up only about 0.2 % of the world coffee production, but it belongs to the top of the producers of premium coffee.

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