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Premium Rose Buds Tea

Fruit & Herbal Infusion Teas – Premium Rose Buds


Delicate, light, fragrant, Iranian pink rose buds.

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The flavour from our premium, whole, dehydrated pink rosebuds is soothing with an aroma of a delicate bouquet. Very high in vitamin C, and high in Polyphenols, it is a natural antioxidant and can provide support for your immune system. It also provides Vitamins A,B,E,K. Rosebud tea has remarkable benefits which promotes healthy skin and adds radiance to your complexion as well as improving digestion and circulation. Roses are good for protecting liver and stomach as well as cleaning the bladder and aids in the healing of wounds and reduces fatigue.

Additional information

Infusion Time

1 – 3 minutes

Ideal Quantity

Use 5-10 buds. Can be infused at least 2 times.

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