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Ayran Mint Tea

Herbal Blends Tea – Ayran & Mint


Cool and soothing as an ice tea, Ayran is a traditional cold yoghurt Turkish drink.


Ayran is also a very popular drink all over the Middle East where each country has a slight variation. This wonderful fusion with whole mint, a hint of lime oil and a pinch of basil is a sheer delight as a refreshing hot tea or a thirst quenching ice tea.

A wonderful herbal blend with hardly any caffeine, tannin or acid.

Ingredients: Apple pieces, Orange peel, whole peppermint, lemon grass, Melissa leaves, rose hip peel, wild strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, natural lime oil and basil.

Additional information

Infusion Time

5-10 mins

Ideal Quantity

1 heaped tsp. /1 litre



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