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Sencha Red Ginseng Tea

Sencha Red Ginseng


Energising and refreshing.


The concept of 'Wellness' is to lead a healthy, conscious and vital way of life based on the well being of the mind, body and soul. Focusing on natural products and the simple integration in everyday life, we have chosen precious ingredients contributing to the creation of flavoursome yet also beneficial teas.

Valued for its cure for various health conditions, ginseng has been highly prized for thousands of years. Health benefits of ginseng include a number of curative and healing properties, rich in nutrients it is widely believed to improve concentration, physical stamina, liver protection and to restore and re-energise the body.

This energising tea with ginseng root, safflowers, freeze dried passion fruit and apricot on a bed of green tea, will add a tangy, citrus flavour to this refreshing tea.

WARNING: Caution should be taken when drinking ginseng as it can trigger side effects and interact with other herbs and medication. It should not be taken by children aged under 18, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It should be avoided if you have high blood pressure, bipolar disorder, have an auto-immune disease, a history of breast cancer or heart condition.

Additional information

Infusion Time

2-3 mins

Ideal Quantity

1 level tsp. /1 litre



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