Wild Orchard Tea Bag Collection

Wild Orchard Collection
Hand Stitched Tea Bags


London Tea Exchange has created a unique Assorted Wild Orchard Tea Bag Collection. Each product consists of a beautifully crafted box containing three types of our hand stitched tea bags (15 tea bags in total)

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Wild Orchard Tea Bag Collection includes 5 tea bags of

1. Premium Bora Bora - This tantalising blend of strawberries combined harmoniously with tropical papaya and embellished with multitude of accompanying fruits resulting in an irresistible sweet and tangy taste. Refreshing either hot or cold.

2. Premium Turkish Apple - This premium fruit blend will transport you to Turkey. Sweet chunks of apple and pineapple harmoniously interweave to produce a refreshing and immersive cup. Perfect either hot or cold.

3. Premium Sea of Blossoms - This rare infusion has been masterfully blended with an array of blossoms with hints of raspberries, rhubarb and cherries. A soothing and relaxing cup ensuring a sublime moment of peace.

All other items besides the box containing 15 tea bags are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

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