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Premium Gyokuro Hiki Tea

Japanese Premium Gyokuro Hiki


Processed by hand, only the finest grade, top quality leaf buds from the Spring harvest are selected to make Gyokuro. A fresh grass scent and an intense, highly aromatic taste.

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The cultivation of Gyokuro differs from other teas as they are covered with bamboo mats for 20 days before picking. Less exposure to sunlight changes the characteristics of the tea. This causes the chemistry in the leaf to change and increase the amino acids, sugar and caffeine, which is therefore responsible for the impressive mixture of tender mildness, a hint of sweetness and the typical Japanese tanginess. The leaf is deep green in colour with the aroma of fresh cut grass and a light yellow, clear infusion.

Brewing Gyokuro is different to other green teas. We advise using spring water to enhance the flavour (yes, it really does make a difference)!! The main point is that the temperature must be a lot lower than other green teas, ideally 50°C - 60°C (122°F - 140°F) if the water is to hot then the tea will taste bitter, leave to infuse for 3 minutes. The leaves can be reused four to five times, just infuse for longer on subsequent infusions.

Additional information

Infusion Time

3 minutes

Ideal Quantity

Approximately 50 kilos is used to make 1 kilo of Hiki.


50°C – 60°C

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