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Matcha Genmaicha Tea

Matcha Genmaicha


This popular, highest standard of quality Matcha Genmaicha, is wonderfully soft in taste, slightly sweet with hints of caramel and a light roasted note. The infusion is bright green. A beautiful combination of classical sencha, mild matcha and toasted rice.

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According to legend, tea has been cultivated in the Uji District since the beginning of the 13th Century. The first Matcha is said to have been produced towards the end of the 16th Century. Altitudes of 250 m, calcium-rich soil as well as prevailing ground fogs offer perfect preconditions for excellent and complex green teas. During its preparation, the shining, emerald green Matcha unfolds intense, matt-green shades, which are crowned by its grass green, creamy foam. The scent is sweetish, fruity and its taste aromatic and full-bodied. Put one level teaspoon full of Matcha powder into a bowl, add freshly boiled, cooled water and froth up with a bamboo whisk. A mixture of fine aromas, which, despite the powdery structure, have a surprisingly tender note, characterizes the fine Matcha powder from Tencha leaves.

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Weight N/A
Infusion Time

1-3 mins

Ideal Quantity

1 heaped tsp. /1 litre


75-80 °C

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