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Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea

Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea


Also known as ‘White Peony’.


Only high quality unopened buds and young leaves are picked between mid March to early April. Grown from the original producers of white tea in Fujian from tea plants called Chaicha or Narcissus from certified organic tea estates. Once picked, the young leaves are dried in the sun using traditional methods. This is a very delicate process so as to not break or damage the leaves which would cause oxidation and compromise the quality.

Pai Mu Tan is known worldwide as being a premium white tea with high levels of antioxidants. The leaves display many shades of green with different structures and a nice amount of slightly long, silvery white tips. The cup has a shimmering amber tone and the taste has an elegant spice.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Infusion Time

1-3 mins

Ideal Quantity

1 level tsp. /1 litre



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