Super Fruit Tea Collection

Super Fruit Collection
Hand Stitched Tea Bags


London Tea Exchange has created a unique Assorted Super Fruit Tea Bag Collection. Each product consists of a beautifully crafted box containing three types of our hand stitched tea bags (15 tea bags in total)

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Super Fruit Collection includes 5 tea bags of

1. Premium Sencha Gojiberry - This powerful super-fruit blend is full of antioxidants that promotes a healthy immune system. This delicious infusion of berries is a sweet and blissful remedy that will not disappoint.

2. Premium Sencha Aloe Vera - This beautifully balanced green tea blended with Aloe Vera, pineapple and cream provides a healing and soothing remedy. A delicate and refreshing cup aiding a sense of balance and composure.

3. Premium Pink Tropics - The flavour of ripe fruits promises a tropical indulgence like no other. The cup colour is indeed pink! A sweet and blissful remedy that will not disappoint. Perfect either hot or cold.

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