Premium Green Tea

Green Tea

Unlike black tea, it is not fermented during the production process. In avoiding oxidation, the leaves retain their olive-green hue and their high anti-oxidant and polyphenol content. During production the tannins and enzymes are removed via steam treatment or roasting directly after withering. It is then pan-fried or steamed and thereafter rolled or dried.

With thousands of varieties they depend on where they are grown, when the leaves are picked and how the leaves are processed. According to experts health benefits of this type of tea may contribute to brain function, cardiovascular health, weight management, immune boost, bone and joint support.

Our collection of this type of tea includes teas from many different parts of the world including China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and many others. London Tea Exchange are extremely proud to present this unique collection of authentic, traditional and rare teas unavailable anywhere else in the world.

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