Premium Decaffeinated Tea

Decaffeinated Tea

Smooth, light and delicious. All the goodness of tea without the caffeine. Our decaffeinated teas go through the process of removing the caffeine which takes place by streams of pressurised and heated CO2 passing through the tea leaves, where it connects with the caffeine molecules while leaving the tea leaves otherwise intact. Once it has passed through the tea leaves, the caffeine-laden CO2 is filtered removing caffeine and then recycled for use in decaffeination.

Decaf teas are for those sensitive to caffeine and this type of tea is the perfect alternative. They have enough flavanol and antioxidant content to contribute to health benefits according to a study and the best part is decaf tea can be consumed any time of the day or night in large quantities, without worrying about getting the jitters or having insomnia.

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