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Black teas are known to be the most popular teas in the world. This is especially true of the Western world. Drinking strong black teas for breakfast is a British custom and there are dozens of ways to prepare it and hundreds of unique varieties to choose from. We have the largest selection of black teas from 40 different countries that vary greatly. The most popular black teas include; English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Kenyan, Yunnan, Keemun and Nilgri.

Black teas have bolder, sweeter, rich flavours and the tastes includes; earthy, smoky, spicy, fruity, citrus, nutty, leathery, caramel and honey. Like fine wines, many variables are combined to give each tea its own unique flavour profile. They also have the following health benefits according to experts: supports digestive health, heart health, metabolism and helps maintain blood sugar regulations.

By travelling to numerous tea estates all across the world we at the London Tea Exchange are able to bring you some of the worlds finest teas.

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