Oolong Tea Collection

Oolong Collection
Hand Stitched Tea Bags


London Tea Exchange has created a unique Assorted Oolong Tea Bag Collection. Each product consists of a beautifully crafted box containing three types of our hand stitched tea bags (15 tea bags in total)

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Oolong Tea Bag Collection includes 5 tea bags of

1. Premium Jinxuan Oolong - This exceptional Oolong has been grown in Thailand for over 50 years. With a smooth and wonderfully soft floral scent, which leaves a delicate sweetness on the palate.

2. Premium Milk Oolong - This premium Oolong is produced entirely by hand. After withering, the slightly wet leaves are heated in milk water steam which creates a truly distinct creamy and fruity taste.

3. Premium Flower of Asia - Fragrant and aromatic, this high quality Taiwanese Oolong is expertly blended with fresh ripe passion fruit, apples, pink rosebuds, chamomile and sweet, flowery lychee tea. Perfect either hot or cold.

All other items besides the box containing 15 tea bags are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

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