Tea Book Volume V Wild Meadow Collection

Tea Book Volume V
Wild Meadow Collection


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Part of our Nobel collection, this tea book contains the following 4 loose leaf teas:

1. Premium Imperial Jasmine Historically, this beautiful tea was reserved solely for members of the Imperial Court. Floral and fragrant with a pleasantly light taste, this is one of our finest jasmine teas.

2. Premium Sencha Aloe Vera This beautifully balanced green tea blended with Aloe Vera, pineapple and cream provides a healing and soothing remedy. A delicate and refreshing cup aiding a sense of balance and composure.

3. Premium Sencha Sakura A tea that is synonymous with Japanese culture. The tea is beautifully embellished with rose petals and enriched with a delicious cherry flavour. Delicate in terms of taste and aesthetics.

4. Premium Wild Meadows Fruity and flowery, this beautiful composition of Sencha has been masterfully blended with rose petals, purple mallow blossoms, lemon and jasmine. Perfect for aiding digestion and cleansing the palate.

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