Royal Tea Bag Collection

Royal Collection
Hand Stitched Tea Bags


London Tea Exchange has created a unique Assorted Royal Tea Bag Collection. Each product consists of a beautifully crafted box containing three types of our hand stitched tea bags (15 tea bags in total)

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Royal Tea Bag Collection includes 5 tea bags of

1. Premium Emperor’s Green - Originally reserved only for Chinese Royalty, this leaf is only found on mountainous regions in the Fujian province. This pure green cup boasts a light flavour with nuances of honey.

2. Premium Shangri La - Produced by hand in pristine beauty, nestling among the foothills of the Himalayas, is this exceptional rare white tea. Hints of subtle elegance and floral aromas merge harmoniously with smooth and fruity texture.

3. Premium Royal Yellow Tea - One of the rarest teas in the world and a closely guarded secret, this yellow tea has a truly unique taste with a hint of Papaya and an underlying spiciness.

All other items besides the box containing 15 tea bags are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

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