The Tea Harvest

In countries of tea cultivation, it is customary that only the upper leaf bud and the next two leaves down, (the youngest ones of a sprout), are plucked.

It is widely acknowledged that older leaves have a detrimental impact upon the quality of the finished tea. Altitude also plays a significant role in shaping the taste and textural profile of tea. In the elevated, cooler regions, the tea naturally grows at a slower pace. The protracted harvesting time enables the characteristics of the tea to develop more efficaciously, therefore guaranteeing a much higher quality of the finished product.

Tea Harvest

The process of plucking the tea requires meticulous attention and dexterity, and is usually performed by women. Usually, plucking yields approximately 16 – 24 kg of green leaves daily. Ultimately, this amount produces between for 4 – 6 kg of finished tea. The green leaves are transported to the factory which is normally located on the plantation 2 to 3 times each day, where they will undergo stages of production which will determine colour, texture, taste and appearance.

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